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This is an exciting time in state energy finance. New programs are emerging and existing programs are becoming more established. States are leading the way in developing and implementing finance programs that leverage resources in ways that differ from the more traditional grant model.

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A Critical Moment for Energy Efficiency Finance

State and local governments gain many economic and environmental benefits from investments in energy efficiency across the buildings sector.

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Beltway Roundup

The big change in Washington, D.C. in January 2015, has been the start of the new Republican-led 114th Congress.

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Expanding Energy Efficiency

Capital E, is working with partners such as the American Institute of Architects and with cities like Washington, D.C., to quantify the full costs and benefits of urban cool roofs and green roofs.

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Reasonable Government Approach to Advance Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

Due to rising costs, aging infrastructure, and increasingly frequent extreme weather events, we need to fundamentally change how we generate, consume, and store energy.

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Energy Efficiency Finance Demand Isn’t the Problem; Design Is

Faced with increasing pressure to meet efficiency targets and with goals that require many additional billions of investments, policymakers are doubling down programs that use the same basic prescriptive approach rather than approaching with a flexible model that moves the existing $40 billion market towards more efficient outcomes.

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Spotlight on California

California’s long-standing commitment to the environment has been consistent and creative: we pave the way for the rest of the nation.

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State Loan Program Picks Up Steam as More Alabama Businesses Benefit from Energy Efficiency

Participation in an innovative financing program established for Alabama businesses by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) and funded through the DOE’s State Energy Program has nearly doubled over the past year as more companies discover that energy upgrades can help them become more efficient and competitive.

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Green Banks: Rapidly Growing Clean Energy Markets

By Jeffrey Schub, Executive Director, Coalition for Green Capital A recent report by the Center for American Progress show the transition to the U.S. clean power platform requires $200 billion of investment per year for the next 20 years. There

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Connecticut Green Bank Drives Energy Resiliency Investment
The challenges and opportunities of financing microgrids

Through the nation’s first state green bank, formed by Public Act 11-80 in 2011, Connecticut is pioneering clean energy finance innovations. The goal of the Connecticut Green Bank is to leverage relatively small amounts of public capital with private capital to deploy clean energy at scale.

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