Filling The Gaps: The History of The Weatherization Assistance Program


State & Local Energy Report is proud to present the documentary film Filling the Gaps: The History of the Weatherization Assistance Program.

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Success Stories of Weatherization: Veterans Green Jobs


The Weatherization Assistance Program continues to deliver on its promise of creating jobs while significantly reducing home energy costs for low-income households.

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Faces of LIHEAP: Mary Dykstra

Mary Dykstra

Mary Dykstra is a hard-working single mother and student. She needed LIHEAP’s help after her sister unexpectedly moved out.

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Faces of LIHEAP: Aja Rail


Upon moving to Montana, Aja Rail became very ill while pregnant with her first child. She was forced to stop working in order to recuperate.

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Faces of LIHEAP: Kimberly Williams

Kimberly Williams

Kimberly Williams was finishing school and working full time when she found out that there was an outstanding balance on her family’s energy bill that she was not able to pay right away.

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Faces of LIHEAP: Tate Cron


When Tate Cron lost his construction job during the economic crisis, he needed to find ways to help support his daughter in a safe environment.

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Community Environmental Center: A Renewable Experiment


In March 2009, the Community Environmental Center (CEC) installed solar hot water systems in two multifamily buildings in Brooklyn, New York, as a component of the weatherization of these buildings. Although extremely popular in Europe, thermal solar panels are a

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